Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playing at the river park

I've realized most of my posts lately have just been a bunch of daily life blurbs and pictures with captions rather than actual posts...and all I can say is this is how it will be from time to time. I actually view it as a positive thing, because we are just busy soaking up life instead of doing a bunch of other things and writing blog posts, but I also realize that not everyone wants to know the ordinary ways we spend an evening, over and over and over. :) I have several projects in the works; a couple just waiting on photographs, a couple needing to be finished, and a lot needing to be started. Good thing I don't have a deadline.

There is a great park just around the corner from our house that I forget about. Tonight Tyler suggested taking Levi and his wagon and going on a walk down there. It was 75 degrees, mostly shady, and beautiful and I took lots of snapshots of my boys during our walk. We left just in time to pick up a pizza and get back home to see Oklahoma whoop up on Florida State. BOOMER!!!


  1. pretty pictures! makes me excited to have creed on the OUTSIDE, lol. :)

  2. I just love that little guy!


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