Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My 'Levi' Necklace

Since before Levi was born, I had an idea of a necklace I wanted to find and have to wear every day as a reminder of what a blessing he is. I began my search not long after that, and kept finding necklaces similar to what I had envisioned, but just not exactly the one I wanted. I checked out different stores that I knew did stamping and engraving of charms, but had no luck. I began searching Etsy shops and different places online, and finally came across One Life Jewelry.

I found a necklace in this shop that was almost exactly what I was wanting (the closest I had come so far), and I was planning on ordering this necklace and settling for it because it was so great (pictured below). But before I ordered it, I sent a message to Arlyne, the owner and designer who creates and makes all the jewelry, to see if she would consider making the two tiny changes I wanted to make to create my perfect necklace, and much to my surprise she was very happy to do it.

{The necklace similar to what I wanted, image via One Life Jewelry}
The necklace I wanted was just a small gold, disc-shaped charm, with Levi's name stamped in the center (in a script font) and his birth date below it (in a regular font).

I am so happy with my necklace, and I will definitely be ordering from this shop in the future. Since this is something I wear most every day, I went ahead and invested in a 24 carat gold chain the size I wanted so that I know it will last for a very long time and at some point in the future I can add to it if I want. Here are a few other necklaces I love from her shop.

{Tree Branch Necklace, image via One Life Jewelry}
{Baby Monogram, image via One Life Jewelry}
{Family Tree necklace, image via One Life Jewelry}

{Levi - 10/26/10}


  1. ooo! i love these! i've been looking for something to get for when creed is born that i can add to. thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks Megan! I would highly suggest this shop!


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