Monday, September 26, 2011

Over the weekend...

{Getting ready to watch Uncle Thomas in the Homecoming Parade!}
We had a great and busy weekend that included (take a big breath).......................................welcoming Tyler home (he was in Colorado on a four-wheeling trip all last week), cooking for a funeral, attending homecoming festivities, running in a 5k race (me), working on our shop building (Tyler), going out to eat and doing a little baby-shower-shopping (all 3 of us), going to church, eating with my family, throwing a shower (me), going to church again and attending a meeting (Tyler)..........Whew! We all went to bed early last night and when Tyler woke me up to tell me bye this morning, I realized I had slept for about 10 solid hours and Levi must have too because I never heard a peep on the monitor.
{Hurry up parade!!}

{Still waiting!...with Nana}

{Finally! King (uncle) Thomas and Queen Jodi}

{This was one of my favorite "floats" - Levi liked them all}

{Watching Uncle Thomas in the Homecoming Pep Assembly}

{Baby Shower I helped give for a friend in my Sunday School class}

{Nicole (center) and the hostesses}

{It's a girl!}


  1. i know this is slightly off topic of the post, but your hair is sooo cute!


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